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With over five acres of plants year round, Holscher Hackman offers an unparalleled selection of trees & shrubs. We also carry a full line of premium products to meet a wide variety of gardening needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to provide not only the plants & gardening products but the information needed for you to create an amazing yard.

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Expected to arrive: FRIDAY, 7/1 & SATURDAY, 7/2 $50.00 Full Box, $27.00 ½ Box, $15.00 ¼ Box  $10.00 Grab Bag Call ahead to pre-order, 513-598-6088 & pick up at your convenience! CLICK HERE FOR PEACH CARE TIPS

FEATURED PRODUCT: Local Honey & Maple Syrup!

We proudly offer delicious and nutritious local honey & maple syrup direct from local producers! HONEY:     8oz.....$6.99     16oz.....$11.99 MAPLE SYRUP:     8oz.....$11.99     16oz.....$15.99     32oz.....$29.99     64oz.....$54.99     128oz.....$79.99

Grub Free Zone III

June is the best time to apply Grub Free Zone III for optimum control of grubs, billbugs, European Crane Fly and Annual Bluegrass Weevil, make application prior to egg hatch of the target pest.  Questions?  We are happy to...

Links & Resources

Soil Testing for Ohio Lawns, Landscape, Fruit Crops and Vegetable Gardens

Soil tests are inexpensive and provide more helpful information than any other resource.  Results from soil tests pinpoint plant nutrient needs and soil test lab recommendations guide fertilizer applications so just the right amount is used.  For more information on how to test a soil sample from your lawn and/or garden click the button below.

Soil Testing

Buckeye Yard & Garden onLine (BYGL)

Buckeye Yard and Garden onLine (a.k.a. BYGL, pronounced Beagle) provides timely information about Ohio growing conditions, pest, disease, and cultural problems.

Visit BYGL Website

The Ohio State Phenology Calendar, Growing Degree Days (GDD)

It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  When’s the best time to put down that grub control?  When the grubs are small and active, but when is that?  When the ground temperature is warm enough, but when exactly is that?  Well, it depends on the climate.  That’s why we use The Ohio State University Extension’s Phenological Calendar, or “Growing Degree Days”, to help guide us in making informed decisions, whether we want to know when to look for Red Bud blooms or when the best time is to put down that weed or pest control product.

Growing Degree Days Website